Hi! I'm Abhijith.
A Researcher, an Engineer, a Programmer and
a Tech Enthusiast.

I work on uncertainty quantification in computation electromagnetics (EM).
EM Full-Wave solver based on Vector-Finite Element Method.
I program in MATLAB, Python, C, C++, and Java.
Linux and Windows


My own implementation of 3D Finite Element Analysis Code for Electromagnetic circuits. This is extended for uncertainty quantification for FEM. Wrote a python based EM simulator with graphical interface (Drawing with OpenGL and meshing with gmsh). I like a challenge, especially when it comes to practical implementation of the research. My other hobby project is malayalam latex editor.

Command line FEM tool (Python)

Command line FEM tool (Matlab)

FEM with Python GUI

Uncertainty quantification for EM

Malayalam Latex Transliterator

Latex Editor

Rubik's Cube Solver Robot

About Me

Abhijith is a researcher, an engineer, a programmer and a tech enthusiast. He would like to see things working rather than them being just theoretical concepts and thrives to make things happen. Abhijith shows great curiosity and attempts to fit his diverse experiences into a clear understanding of the world. He displays great problem solving capabilities when it comes to any challenging problem.


Abhijith B N

Microwave Laboratory
Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore